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My latest talk, for the Bay Area Future Salon. 45 mins + 35 of Q&A.

This talk is a brief summary of my new book, Introduction to Foresight, Executive Edition, 2021. The talk focuses on personal and team foresight, and the importance of living schedule-first. In the Q&A, with Mark Finnern, John RobbTyler Gothelf, and others, we get into a number of key exponential trends, including the global megatrends of densification and dematerialization (D&D).

At the end of my talk below (at 37:16), I give three slides on Exponential Investing, discuss the value of Custodial (for your children) and Regular (for yourself) Roth IRAs, explain how to use them to invest like a venture capitalist does, making one big exponential investment bet each year (and different each year), and share an investment I have made in 2021, in air taxi stocks. I’m particularly optimistic about air taxis as one key to the future of cities. Right now, most investors don’t even believe they are coming. Five years from now, everyone will know they are coming, and many will see all the benefits they will bring. In my view, now is a good time to place some bets, and do a long-term hold. See my 2018 Medium article, Our Amazing Aerial Future, for more details on this emerging new industry, just one of many positive exponentials that will increasingly reshape our 21st century lives.

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John Smart is a global futurist, and a scholar of foresight process, science and technology, life sciences, and complex systems. His new book, Introduction to Foresight, 2021, is now available on Amazon.

The Transporter Test and the Three Camps of Brain Preservation


Reanimators, Uploaders & Uncertains — Which Are You?

Find Out Where You Stand on the “Copy Problem”.

The first in a multi-author series, with Michael Cerullo, M.D., and Keith Wiley, Ph.D., on brain preservation technologies, options, and policy.

Brain preservation for the purposes of later memory recovery, and perhaps also full personality and self reanimation, is one of the strangest yet most future-important topics I’ve had the privilege to come across in my roughly 15 years as a publishing futurist. I think this technology and the options it brings will change lots of hearts and minds in the decades to come, about the nature of life, death, and what constitutes a “good life”, both for those choosing this option and for those who would not. I’m also convinced the brain preservation option will become increasingly accessible, affordable and adopted in democratic societies around the world in coming years. It’s here to stay, so we might as well think about doing it well.

Our article is here, on Medium.

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Your Personal Sim: Pt 4 — Deep Agents (Grokking Deep Learning/Natural Intelligence)

The Brave New World of Smart Agents and their Data

A Multi-Part Series

Part 1 — Your Attention Please
Part 2 — Why Agents Matter
Part 3 — The Agent Environment
Part 4 — Deep Agents (this post)
Part 5—Deep Training

More soon…
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Why will our smart agents and sims soon become as indispensible as the web and our smartphones are today? Why will we think of our sims as “our better selves” by 2030? To understand this key aspect of our global future, our next two posts will take a deep look at deep learning, a new paradigm of not only machine learning, but of future computer development.

These two will be long posts, but they are about the technology behind the greatest story of our collective future, the advent of machines that think and feel like us, so I make no apologies for their length. Plenty of people will write the short versions. But there are many doubts and misconceptions on these topics, so the length will hopefully clear up a few of both.

There are also some rewards at the end, to make up for this post’s length. The first reward is the “Mind Meld” (aka, “Merging With our Sims”, or “Slippery Singularity”) prediction. This is a big reward, as it explores how humanity will use deep learning to solve the greatest tragedy presently inflicting our planet — the inevitable death of each and every one of us, due to the disposable nature of human biology. I think this mind meld future is inevitable, and when it comes later this century, hundreds of millions of us, at the very least, will use it to move easily into postbiology as our biological bodies age and die.

Once mind melding happens at scale, and we see that it works, cultures everywhere will stop pretending that human mental death is a good thing, and we’ll upgrade our religious faiths (which will never go away) to be consistent with a new world of indefinite human lifespan, for all who desire it. The second reward is more prosaic, some powerful investment tips you can implement today in the Calls to Action at the end.

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