“John Smart – Futurist” YouTube Channel

My dear friend Joe Quirk challenged me to set up a YouTube channel to find videos of my talks, so… Ta Da! Announcing the John Smart- Futurist channel. It’s got 54 subscribers so far. Might you perhaps be #55? I’d love to hear from you in the video comments. In coming weeks I promise to add no more than one video a week to the channel, either my own or someone else’s foresight, innovation, strategy, or industry tech videos that I think folks might particularly enjoy watching and discussing.

The currently featured video is an interview with the very thoughtful Nikola Danaylov (aka Socrates, for his propensity to engage in Socratic dialog). Nikola is an illustrious Singularity University GSP2011 grad, and webmaster of SingularityWeblog, a great site featuring video interviews and articles on technology, artificial intelligence, and the singularity. He is doing an excellent job covering these topics on his site, but he’s still in need of a monetization strategy. I sent him some of my ideas on that, feel free to send him your own and donate a wee bit if you like what he’s doing. Supporting worthy individuals with small Direct Actions, like donating $5, will get you big results! A little love motivates people for a long time, believe me.

Over the course of an hour we discuss our exciting new Foresight Education and Research Network (FERNweb.org), resources for improving career foresight, my personal path to becoming a foresight professional, biologically inspired computing, IBM’s SyNAPSE project, STEM compression, the transcension hypothesis, and why accelerating technological change is not going to slow down any time soon, no matter what you may hear in the news. I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know of any critiques, caveats, or disagreements. Here’s an embed of the video if you don’t want to visit my channel. After you click play you can click the YouTube logo to leave comments.

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